How to Draw Panda

panda drawing.png

Hello and welcome back to our new tutorial. Today, we are going to draw a Panda drawing sleeping on the branch in a simple and very easy way. This tutorial includes a detailed outline drawing of a Panda with step by step explanation. The above image represents your outline of the Panda which we are going to draw below. Hope you will enjoy and follow the Panda drawing till the end of the tutorial. So, let’s get started with the tutorial, wish you all the best!


While drawing, makes sure to use your pen or pencil lightly, especially for rough drawing. Additionally, erase some of the outlines when and where required as you move further. Follow the instructions carefully and don’t skip any of the steps.

Step 1:

  • First to start with the drawing, draw the slant branch of a tree.
  • We are drawing the branch so that we can draw Panda sleeping on it.

panda step 1.png

Step 2:

  • Now, we are going to draw a panda.
  • For that, draw the head and the ears highlighted in black.

panda step 2.png

Step 3:

  • Further, draw the body of the panda highlighted below in black.

panda step 3.png

Step 4:

  • Now, draw the legs of the panda shown in the below image.

panda step 4.png

Step 5:

  • First, draw the black circles around the position of the eyes.
  • After that, draw the nose and then draw the smiley lips.


panda step 5.png

Step 6:

  • In this step, we are going to draw the detailing of the panda.
  • First, draw the eyes in the cute position of sleeping as shown.
  • Then draw the little detailings highlighted in black.
  • At last, draw the claws of the leg.

panda step 6.png

Step 7 (final):

  • Draw the branches of the tree to make it more amazing.
  • And also, draw the textures on the branhes.
  • Wonderful! You have completed your task with an amazing drawing of panda.

panda step 7.png


Hope you liked and enjoyed our tutorial on a Panda drawing. And, you were able to learn something new today. If you find it helpful then please share it with your friends, it will help a lot. We are constantly updating our website and we are giving our best to make the drawings as simple and easy as possible. So, bookmark our site for future drawing updates.

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